Leadership Conversations with Nicky Gumbel Podcast: Rick & Kay Warren

This is the full conversation between Nicky Gumbel, Kay Warren and Rick Warren from this year’s online Leadership Conference. Listen as Nicky talks to Rick & Kay about navigating the pain of loss, building resiliency & rebuilding in the post-pandemic world.

This is the full conversation between Nicky Gumbel, Kay Warren and Rick Warren from this year’s online Leadership Conference. With the realities of the Pandemic still affecting people globally, Nicky gets Rick and Kay to discuss a quality that we all need to cultivate in this time – the quality of resilience.

Rick and Kay are beyond qualified for a conversation like this, as the two of them have a devastating history littered with pain and suffering. Pippa asks Kay specifically about “the scars” she’s received over the years. Kay honestly lists them – her past cancer diagnosis, the tragic death of her son, the sexual abuse she suffered at a young age and more. These experiences have made both Rick and Kay deep wells of insight for those wondering how they might begin to cultivate resilience and suffer well. Kay encourages listeners that “resilience is a skill that can be learned” as she shares her tried wisdom for watering that posture in your life.

Not only is this interview helpful to those who are suffering, but also to those who are walking alongside someone who is in pain. Rick addresses the latter audience directly, offering an important lesson – “the deeper the pain, the fewer words you use.” They both recount how they experienced this on the night of their son’s death, as their small group held them in their son’s driveway without saying a word. Rick encourages listeners to offer the ministry of their presence, before the ministry of their words, with the main goal being not to cheer up the sufferer, but to grieve well with them.

To close, Nicky asks both Kay and Rick what is helping to keep their hope for the future intact. The two of them reference God’s character and how He moved in the post-exile era of Israel’s history. They remind listeners that God is a trustworthy rebuilder, and that we need to be prepared not to “resume” but to “reset” to what He wants to do.

To those who are especially hurting at this time, we hope you find great comfort and encouragement through this conversation. On behalf of the team at Alpha, we want to thank Rick and Kay for sharing with such rawness and vulnerability. This interview was both heartbreaking and inspiring.


Show Notes

Saddleback Church

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

The Purpose Driven Church by Rick Warren

Sacred Privilege by Kay Warren

Choose Joy by Kay Warren

Dangerous Surrender by Kay Warren


Rick and Kay Warren are pastors, authors and global influencers. They founded Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California in 1980. Since then Saddleback has become one of the most influential churches in the United States and Rick and Kay continue to be at the forefront of the evangelical movement, encouraging churches everywhere to be a sanctuary for hope and healing.

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